Liberty Unique - Tana Lawn with Pink Linen
Liberty Unique - Tana Lawn with Pink Linen

Liberty Unique - Tana Lawn with Pink Linen

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"You have to be unique and different to shine in your own way"

Lady Gaga

The Liberty Poppy Forest tana lawn fabric with such a unique pink and blue floral colourway that makes it difficult to take your eyes off it. The pink floral tones are a delight in this classic print and will be perfect for any bedroom, living area or picnic.

All this gorgeousness is framed in the signature Kirstykins handmade and hand stitched binding for that final flourish of luxury in classic pink Capel. It is Perfection!

  • Gorgeous Tana Lawn Fabric
  • Handmade and Hand Stitched Cotton Binding in pink Capel
  • Gift Wrapped in a Fabric Book Bag


  • Liberty Tana Lawn Fabric
  • Pink Linen Fabric
  • Tana Lawn fabric Binding
  • 100% Natural Cotton Wadding
  • 134cm x 100cm

(All measurements are approximate)