When things don't go according to plan, it's time to make a new plan!

WOW! What a crazy few months, that has now turned into many months, since I wrote this draft blog (in March time I think?) and never posted. (Recurring theme with me here) 🤦🏻‍♀️ 

Rewind to January where I was picturing a calm time for the start of the year, an opportunity to do some much needed planning, admin and I had even enrolled on a marketing course! Eternal optimist that I am...

But it wasn't to be, another lockdown and yet more homeschooling. (Note to self don't make too many plans right now!) Three kids at home, one year 2 Primary, one in his all new year 7 at high school and a worn and weary year 8. My attention was elsewhere for the next few months, the children were (on the whole) amazing and adapted to the new teaching method really well. The teacher less so and lets just say there was absolutely no danger of dry January happening!

During the demands of overseeing the delivery of 3 different curriculums (don't ever ask me what binary is please) I did somehow manage to create a whole range of quilts, 2 infact. It would seem the sewing side of things blossoms in lockdown and I was like a machinist on double time in Baldwins knicker factory! (showing my age there!)

Quilts piled up but I didn't get them photographed or listed on the website. I guess I did need that time to sort my planning, admin and marketing after all! (And still do)

Gorgeous little girl sleeping on a beautiful handmade quilt

I did eventually get the quilts on the website (yay me!) and even some rather beautiful napkins as well! Which was another surprise product to add to my growing collection.

Handmade Kirstykins napkins on a beautiful cottage table setting

It seems like a lifetime ago now, especially as I am now ready to launch the long awaited squishy quilts and

these delicious napkin rings to accompany the napkins. They will be worth the wait! (Honest!)

Somehow we are now in August! More time off with the kids, but it almost seems blissful now I am back to being Mum, giver of all snacks and screen time rather than a very rubbish supply teacher on her way to a breakdown. 

And next it's Christmas... 



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