Getting Going and Keeping Going

Its been a few weeks now since I launched my new website and it feels a little bit like how it must feel when you have trained for a marathon. (Having never trained for a marathon I can't compare it too closely, but I have done couch to 5K and that was a huge challenge just to even get there!) 

What I mean is, there is all that build up, the massive effort to get fit and be able to manage the distance, then the big event itself, you cross the finish line triumphant and so relieved to have achieved your goal. Then you stop running!!!

But seriously, the hard work is done! The shop is set up, now I need to continue to make and stock all my beautiful products so you can browse (and buy) to your hearts content. I did get myself a little reward for finally finishing it, a mug (of course) for my extensive collection! And I maybe drank a few bubbles too!


Behind the scenes lots has been going on, I am making new Liberty Unique quilts, which will be in the shop very soon and I am so excited to show you the new Belle and Boo fabric quilts. They will be a mixture of Liberty Tana Lawn and linen combinations - so you can choose which you like the best. Or contact me via email or Instagram if you have an idea you would like to create.

Also in the pipeline will be more mini quilts in a tin and dolly quilts as they make fabulous little stocking fillers. They are the cutest and make playtime at home and out and about (when we can again!) so cute and stylish!



In my next blog I am hoping to show you all the handmade Christmas presents and decorations I am planning to make. If I write it down maybe I will do it!!!

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